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The San Jose Branch of WILPF meets every month for a free program about people pursuing peace and justice in our communities and around the world. Everyone is welcome to join us.


The third Friday of each month



San Jose Peace & Justice Center
48 S 7th St # 101, 
San Jose, CA 95112



We select issues based on the times that threaten the peace or justice of our society and the world. Among the campaigns we've launched are: Save the Water (resist privatization of water supplies); Building Peace with Justice in the Middle East (in collaboration with the national WILPF); Tax Day leafleting to protest use of our tax dollars for the military and suggest ways to redirect our resources; Holiday Peace Fair, an alternative gift-buying festival with international entertainment and food; Women's March on Washington (joining with other Bay area groups); Clothesline Project to reverse and transform the harmful effects of violence against women. 


The Raging Grannies is an activist organization with branches in many cities across the U.S. and Canada, and in other countries. They are (mostly) women old enough to be grandmothers, who dress up in wild clothes in defiance of stereotypes of older women, and sing satirical songs at protests, marches and rallies. They welcome men and younger women and children to join them in raising a voice against tyranny.


We collaborate with other local groups on issues of common interest. Our partners include: The San Jose Peace & Justice Center; National Women's Political Caucus; Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley;


Recent & Upcoming Activity