Raging Grannies at Faces of Genocide Conference at West Valley College

At noon, the San Jose Gaggle of Raging Grannies will be singing our protest songs during the  lunch break.

The Conference will be held on Thursday, April 12 from 8:30-3:45 pm on the West Valley College campus, 14000 Fruitvale Ave in Saratoga.  All activities will be held indoors within the Campus Center. 

Parking: Lot 5 in front of the Fox Center is designated as FREE PARKING for the conference. This lot can be accessed from Fruitvale Ave and Admissions Way. 

The Social Justice Fair will be from 10 am to 2:30 pm in the main events room of the Campus Center

The speaker series will be in the Baltic Room where we will have a roster of some amazing speakers and panels consisting of genocide survivors and the descendants of survivors.  Our keynote speaker is Dr. Norman Naimark of Stanford University.  We are also honored to have SJSU President Mary Papazian sharing her experience as the granddaughter of an Armenian genocide survivor, and Champa Patel of the Royal Institute of International Affairs who will discuss opportunities for the individual to spark social justice and global citizenship.

A detailed description of the conference, accompanying activities, and the speakers schedule is posted at http://westvalley.edu/faces-of-genocide.