Water Is Life: Marking World Water Day March 15

Water is Life Water is everywhere. What is our relationship to it? 

Water is Life Water is everywhere, in our bodies, in our world. Water is the original source of life and all life contains water. Of all the water on our world only 2.5% is freshwater. And of that 69% is in glaciers, 30% in groundwater and only one third of one percent (.3%) in renewable supplies in lakes and waterways. So little. And yet we pollute it with inadequate sanitation, with industrial and military waste and with our lack of care in using water as a dumping ground. 

Rowan Fairgrove and Patrick Ferraro will discuss local, regional and global water issues and then, using Appreciative Inquiry we will discuss our relationship to water in small groups. 

This is one of US WILPF's solidarity events to commemorate World Water Day on March 22. We are marking World Water Day a week early, on March 15.