WILPF Meeting: The Climate Crisis: Time to Demand Action

The global climate crisis is becoming more severe by the day. Europe is roasting, the Arctic is on fire, and Greenland ice sheets are rapidly melting. Yet, many governments - most notably the U.S. federal government - are acting as if nothing is happening. At best some are taking incremental baby steps to address what they mistakenly see as only a problem that will impact a distant future. As young climate activist Greta Thunberg explains it, we need to start immediately treating this existential problem as the emergency it is.

Join Gary White, founder of Extinction Rebellion San Mateo and Climate Reality Leader, as we discuss the genesis, the consequences, the activism, and the solutions to this climate emergency.

Meeting begins at 7 PM with the Raging Grannies raging. At 6 PM join the Peace Center Community dinner at a light supper and good conversation. Bring something to share if you wish.